Everything DiSC® on Catalyst™ Boxed Facilitation Kit


Experience the transformative power of Everything DiSC® on Catalyst™. This all-inclusive program equips individuals with essential social and emotional skills for more effective workplace interactions. The Everything DiSC® on Catalyst™ Facilitation Kit, designed to complement the Catalyst platform, offers a modular and customizable experience. With comprehensive materials including Facilitation Guides, PowerPoint® decks, participant handouts, program guides, and access to online resources, you can effortlessly create engaging sessions tailored to your clients’ needs. Shape a culture of collaboration and drive results by ordering your facilitation kit today, available in both physical and digital formats.

Product Description

Everything DiSC® on Catalyst is a group training and personalized learning experience that equips people with the social and emotional know-how for more effective interactions at work.

The Everything DiSC® on Catalyst Facilitation Kit is designed to be used with the personalized content on the Catalyst platform. It uses a short-format, modular design and includes virtual and in-person facilitation options to ensure facilitators can create a customized experience that meets the unique needs of any client.

This kit includes the following customizable facilitation materials:

  • Classroom and virtual Facilitation Guides for Fundamentals, Workplace, Agile EQ, and Management modules
  • PowerPoint® decks for each classroom and virtual facilitation module
  • Participant handouts for classroom and virtual sessions
  • Program Guide for planning your session
  • Access to online research and resources, including sample reports, posters, templates, and other detailed product information

Get your kit today and start shaping a more engaged, collaborative, and adaptive culture that drives results.

Please note: A boxed kit containing a USB drive with facilitation materials will be shipped to the recipient. The recipient can also download the materials via a link and serial number that will be sent to the email address you provide below. Please ensure the email address belongs to the person receiving the boxed kit.

Although you can purchase multiple kits at once, they will all be shipped to the same address, and emailed to the same email address.