Find out how Everything DiSC® on Catalyst™ has everything you need to build a culture that is engaged, works well with others, and can change.

Virtual Learning. Proven Impact.

Catalyst™ is a personalized learning platform that provides a single point of access for a learner's entire DiSC® journey. Catalyst integrates DiSC into the way work is done, making it easy to use what you've learned. It can be used with an instructor or by yourself.

Catalyst takes your Everything DiSC experience to the next level by making the hard work of long-term behavior change possible and even fun.

Everything DiSC® on CatalystTM is a personal development learning experience that gives people, no matter who or where they are, the social and emotional skills they need to have better interactions at work.

Everything DiSC on Catalyst helps people by combining our proven DiSC model with flexible facilitation and a powerful learning platform.

  • Better understand themselves
  • Appreciate and value differences in perspective and approach
  • Quickly and consistently adapt to the unique needs of each person or situation they encounter

The result is an effect that lasts. When learners use Everything DiSC on Catalyst, they can change their behavior in a way that sticks. It can even be fun! When companies use Everything DiSC on Catalyst, they create a culture that is more engaged, collaborative, and flexible, which leads to better results.

Catalyst™ Platform Demo Video