Everything DiSC Agile EQ Assessment


The Everything DiSC Agile EQ Profile is a research-validated assessment that provides participants with precise insights into their Agile EQ. This 26-page personalized profile reveals the mindsets influencing their responses and interactions, guides them to expand beyond their comfort zones, and offers actionable strategies to enhance agility in social and emotional situations. The profile is easily customizable, allowing for page removal or rearrangement, personalized titles, and the option to incorporate existing data from previous DiSC® assessments. Whether used independently or with companion facilitation, this profile empowers individuals to navigate challenges with greater agility.

Product Description

Everything DiSC Agile EQ Profile

  • Research-validated Assessment: The Everything DiSC Agile EQ assessment combines adaptive testing and sophisticated algorithms to deliver precise Agile EQ insights to each participant in their personalized profile.
  • Personalized Profile: This 26-page profile helps learners discover the instinctive mindsets that shape their responses and interactions, recognize opportunities to stretch beyond what comes naturally to them, and gain actionable strategies to become more agile in their approach to social and emotional situations.
  • Easily Customizable: Remove or rearrange pages, customize the profile title or print selected sections. The profile may be used on its own or with companion facilitation (sold separately).
  • Existing Data: If learners have existing data from a previous DiSC® assessment, that data can be used with the Everything DiSC Agile EQ assessment.